Istanbul Sightseeing Tour (Panoramic Tour)

If you have just a few hours in Istanbul, then you should not waste your time walking around. Follow your personal guide, and enjoy your time in Istanbul. In this tour you will have an overview of the city.


1-The City Walls of Constantinople; 5th.Century walls still in good shape. Surrounding the old city,22km.


2-Golden Horn;The Golden Horn is a historic inlet of the Bosporus dividing the city of Istanbul and forming the superb natural harbor that has sheltered Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman and other ships for thousands of years. It is a scimitar-shaped estuary that joins the Bosporus just at the point where that strait enters the Sea of Marmara, thus forming a peninsula the tip of which is "Old Istanbul’’. Its Greek and English names mean the same, but the significance of the designation "golden" is obscure. It has witnessed many tumultuous historical incidents and its dramatic vistas have been the subject of countless works of art.


3-The European Fortress; When Mehmed II. decided to conquer the city,he built this amazing fortress at the narrowist point of the Bosphorus to stop the help coming from Europe and it worked definitely.You will need your camera here since this fortress has beautiful views of the Bosphorus and the villas along the seashore.


4-The Bosphorus,One of the busiest waterways in the world with beautiful wooden houses built by foreign dignitaries, diplomats and elite. Definitely a feast for your eyes.


5-Dolmabahçe Palace was the first European-style palace in Istanbul and was built by Sultan Abdülmecid between 1842 and 1853, at a cost of five million Ottoman gold pounds, the equivalent of 35 tons of gold. Fourteen tons of gold in the form of gold leaf were used to gild the ceilings of the palace. The world's largest Bohemian crystal chandelier, a gift from Queen Victoria, is at the center hall. The chandelier has 750 lamps and weighs 4.5 tons. Dolmabahçe has the largest collection of Bohemian and Baccarat crystal chandeliers in the world, and one of the great staircases has bannisters of Baccarat crystal.



Tour Duration: About 2 hours

Tour price excludes: Lunch, admissions and other personal expenses.

Tour Price:35 USD per person*

What is included in the price: Guiding services,picking up from your hotel/airport or cruise port and transport to your hotel after the tour(Only European side of the city).


*For 4 people.  For larger or smaller groups price will differ.

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